Monday, April 27, 2009

The Windy Pixel, Tony Shi shoots NYC

I haven't been blogging much lately. Today I'm cheating and I'm going to link to another blog I discovered.
Some photographers in Chicago (based at my old freshman year school, the very academic, University of Chicago) called The Windy Pixel. They specialize in HDR, high dynamic range photography. Which basically means the photos have all the details in the dark areas and the light areas, beyond the scope of one exposure. The photos are multiple exposures that layered together. Better more detailed explanation in tutorial.

Chicago is great, check out their blog for amazing photos, but I was particular moved of photos closer to home.
They have a guest blogger from New York, here is New York as I haven't quite seen it before.

Tony Shi >> The Windy Pixel, NYC.

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

NYC Aquarium-PS 34 trip

The good thing about being is freelance mom, is that I get to be involved in school functions, and go on field trips. I usually try to bring my camera and get some good pictures, which isn't easy while chaperoning 2 small children, one whom I don't know so well.

This time, I got three, and I have to say I pretty much gave up taking photos except while we were all waiting in line to get in to the aquarium. Having 3 squiggly wigglys and only 2 hands, does not leave a hand or 2 for a camera. The kids were excited tho. We could smell and feel the ocean breeze which was just past the boardwalk behind us.

It's always fun seeing all the sea animals, but this trip was crowded, cold, rainy and it sure is dark inside the buildings wandering the hallways looking at the tanks. Hard to keep track of hundred's of school kids trying to see as much as possible.

Next time I think we'll play hooky and go in the afternoon when all the school kids are back in their classrooms.



Time to feed the penguins!


If you want to see the sea animals, check out this slide show from our YMCA camp trip this summer