Friday, May 18, 2007

Polaroid Transfers

I've been thinking about branding, they say think of 3 things which describe yourself and your work. I came up with this...Creative, Adventurous, Artistic.

Meanwhile I've been meaning to add some of my Polaroid Transfers here. These are the real thing. No photoshop actions, borders, etc. Photographed on chrome, transfered from Polaroid film to water color paper and then often hand colored. Here are a few...

This first one I shot when I was in Florida working on a Japanese travel book. I was sent to Disney World, Epcott Center, etc and then on to the coast for sea and surf locations. I found this diner somewhere along the way. Polaroid aquired the transfer for their Artist Collection, and posted it on their website.

These next 2 speak for themselves. I love Venice. A history of creative merchants, city on the sea, what could be better than that.

Paris, another city full of images...

I am fascinated with religious represenations. This one I took while working as a still photographer for a movie, on location in a Brooklyn church.

And last but not least for right now, I can't resist fishing. Photography is a little like that, collecting the right equipment to cast into the world with, and reel in precious images.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Brooklyn Botanic Gardens-Cherry Blossoms!

We have been watching the cherry blossoms come in this year. The Japanese call the process of watching and cherishing all the different stages, from bud to bloom, to peak and fall when the trees are snowing cherry blossoms, Hanami. The BBG even has a webpage to show each cherry tree and what stage it is in. We actually made it to the gardens several times this spring to observe each part of the cycle. Next will be the lilacs! and then the roses...keep posted!

Here they come!
Stan took this one! He is getting very handy with the camera and has reached the point where he prefers to shoot more than have his photo taken these days.
We stumbled upon a painter at work under the full blossoms. It was beautiful to see cherries blossoms in oil surrounded by all that fluffy pink in real life! The painter is also on staff at the Botanic Garden.

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