Friday, March 30, 2007

Brooklyn Botanic Garden

Early spring. Feeding the fish.
Experimenting with instant collages. Will post full photos soon...

Thursday, March 29, 2007

The Teins Come to NYC

At the Temple of Dendur

Teins in NYC part 2

Traveling in style...

American Girl

Ready for a night out...

The Mandarin Hotel in Columbus Circle

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Thursday, March 08, 2007

NYC Transit Museum

We took a trip to the NYC Transit Museum.
The museum is located in an old subway station in downtown Brooklyn!
This is the Y Pre-School, I went as a chaperone (and photographer).
The kids had a blast, who wouldn't love running around in old subway trains and driving a city bus!

The kids were looking up at the old fans, before air conditioning!

Our guide read a book - How Little Lori Visited Times Square- by Amos Vogel and illustrated by Maurice Sendak about the adventures of getting around and ending up on every means of transportation and all over New York City!

"One day Lori said to himself: 'I want to see Times Square'" and he ends up taking an unintentional tour of New York City.
Warning mentioned in book:
"This is a very funny book and should not be read while drinking orange juice, or you will spill it!"

NYC Transit Museum Part 2

The kids were mesmerized. Story time in a train! and what a story, will little Lori ever get to Times Square?...

All abooard...whose turn is it to drive the bus?

There was also an exhibition of old toys, very cool. Modes of transportation are always a big hit. Out home is filled with planes, trains and automobiles, here were a few boats as well.

All the kids got to take turns sitting here and being engineer and taking the train where ever they wanted to go.
No one wanted to give up the hot seat!

Here's their wonderful head teacher Barbara, showing where the term "straphanger" came from. These old seats are woven straw. No one wanted to leave these old trains or the train station museum. We'll be back next time...

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Another Visit to the Greenpoint Terminal Warehouse

I took a walk today...

This is the site of the Greenpoint fire a few months ago (see archive-end of sept 2006 post)

I heart Bunny

Empire state building across the river

Along the waterfront

A little fireman